Assessment Tools

Mount Talent focuses on providing its clients with the absolute results at the end of every assessment that we do for them. Therefore while developing the assessment models for them we take care of the following concerns:

  • The purpose and impact of assessment
  • Validity, Fairness & Reliability
  • Significance
  • Efficiency

We understand that different clients have different requirements in their assessment needs and hence we restructure the assessments for them with respect to their needs. Moreover, there are other concerns pertaining to the quality of assessment services, which have to be taken care of. Because the organizations alter their recruitment process or training process or any other concerned process for which they have got the assessment done, it becomes imperative for us to deliver the best possible results.

To ensure this we have the following assessment tools to offer:

Customization: Creating Client Specific Professional Skill Assessments

We provide customised assessment programs for our different clients to suit their business requirements. These types of assessments include strategies that are both alternative and traditional. Since the knowledge evaluation & measurement requirements of different organizations are different, any single assessment product can’t really serve the requirements of all our clients. We realize this and hence provide customized assessment products to all our clients.

Managing Participants:

With participants’ management we intend to maintain the record of the varied range of the test takers. These include services like adding, editing, or deleting the participants. Moreover, these services could be utilised to group the participants and also to differentiate the participants as required by the client.

Collection & Analysis of Assessment Results

The assessment results can be diligently collected for further analysis. Assessment details & results are saved right after the completion of the assessment and are accumulated for further analysis. The analysis could then be done in various forms like grid forms, pie-charts, or bar graphs with a display of session details. These techniques help in comparing the results effortlessly. The skills & knowledge or the dimension assessed in the participants after the test could also be summarized in form of a composite picture.

Reporting & Skill Profiling:

Reporting and analysis form an important part of the successful assessment. We offer a broad range of reporting alternatives depending upon the factors like assessment methodology and the skills assessed. We prepare and provide professional reports based on the assessment results and also generate exhaustive skill profiles including features like scores, skill gap identification, comparative analysis, subject analysis, accuracy, work speed etc.

Data Security:

The tests are administered within a protected environment with certain security measures available. These include features like authorized log on, password protection to enable test editing & test registration to prevent non- authorized use of the tests, encryption to protect test data, and a check on user actions which helps in tracing harmful user actions.