Becoming Brand ambassadors of the Organization

Like most organizations out there, a significant part of who we are and what we aim to become depend on our presence and image in the minds of all our stakeholders. Our presence on the social media and other non-virtual arenas is particularly influenced by how we are perceived. And the magic portal that connects our bottom lines to our efforts is our employees.

It is our employees that carry out all interactions with our customers and represent the face of the institution and deriving from groundbreaking research and following in the steps of corporate giants, we believe in Happy Employees which in turn will inevitably drive Happy customers.

Consequently, we were not satisfied with one brand ambassador. We wanted each employee of the organisation to be a brand that spoke for itself. As a hundred individual brands develop, the organization as a synergy of these brands can only but develop into a brand itself- only with a magnitude that equals a hundred odd brands.

The learning session starts with a pop quiz of famous brand ambassadors and leaves an aftertaste of success in the participants’ mouths as they grapple excitedly with the idea that each brand only associates itself with successful people and that in becoming brand ambassadors for the organization, they are reverse engineering a pathway to their own success.

As we discuss our own virtual presence and how each employee is at the nucleus of this company, the atmosphere in the room is supercharged with ideas that every person brings to the table. We discuss how employees having authentic relationships with their end customers is a building block for organizational and individual effectiveness and our participants bring revealing insights with their stories of encounters that became fruitful professional relationships. The session soon becomes a series of live
case studies and we progress to the power of virtual presence.

We take a look at our social media handles and track our e-steps. Employees volunteer to be active contributors to these platforms and indulge in developing (not just increasing) their networks. They deduce the implied- that they can each add their unique flavor to this assortment of brands while retaining the core values that are at the heart of this organisation.

As the high-energy session draws to a close, we part until next time with a promise to be more self aware as an ecosystem of productivity, to tell our stories authentically to drive reach and engagement, to deepen our social relationships and in essence, ensure that at the end of the day, when our feet leave the organization, our hearts don’t!

Because let’s be honest- that’s as good a brand ambassador as anyone can be!

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