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Top 10 Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruiters

Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruiters, July 27, 2021

As the number of staff working from home has increased, the use of technology has also increased. With the rise of technology in the workplace, HR teams are facing new recruitment challenges. Whether you are a recruitment consultant or recruitment agency in this Article you will get a better understanding of the recruitment challenges.

10 Recruitment Challenges Faced by Recruiters

The challenges faced by recruiters during recruitment are as follows:

1. Experience of Candidates

The experience of candidates is unclear many times with the recruitment teams. The recruitment agency needs to find out the experience of candidates while applying for a job. Many recruitment processes in 2020 turned out to be a disaster as the candidates found it difficult to understand the process of the job application.

2. Change in the Brand of Employer

In previous years, many businesses have introduced themselves as a brand that is more caring towards their staff. The HR team has the responsibility of managing the brand of the employer. For job recruitment in India, the HR teams can use this caring attitude of the company to attract qualified candidates.

3. Internal Promotion of Employees

Before starting hiring for many organizations, recruiters should consider the idea of internal promotion. Recruitment agencies should encourage the promotion of staff at higher roles rather than hiring candidates from outside the company. This will help in increasing the morale of the employees, improve productivity and will also have a positive impact on the minds of employees. But the main issue here is in deciding whom to promote.

4. Permanent Remote Work

Companies in the current scenario are encouraging work from home looking at the safety of the employees. With remote work, businesses have found out that the productivity of employees has increased. For recruitment teams, it can be a big challenge to hire remote workers. Recruitment firms may need to work on the recruitment strategies and get the ideal remote candidates.

5. Data

Digital technologies help in the recruitment process as it provides tools that help to store lots of data. Recruiters can look back and analyse the gaps in their processes.

6. Diversity

Companies in current times need to show commitment to diversity. People look for companies that hire candidates based on skills and experience. When hiring job candidates the recruiters should not at all be biased.

7. Seeking Different Skills

Employers are now looking for various skills than before. Digital literacy is and adds on to skills like interpersonal skills, communication etc, as these abilities and skills are required from candidates working from home. Recruiters are also facing this challenge to find out candidates with proper skills

8. Hiring Freeze

Due to volatile situations, companies have introduced hiring freezes last year. Though the situation is getting normal now but can worsen again if the pandemic situation rises again. There are available roles that need to be filled urgently. The HR department has started the recruitment process but then needs to put the position on hold.

9. Contacting Hold Candidates

Some candidates were put on hold as the company froze the position. Recruiters face a big challenge to contact the candidates again and convince them why the company could not hire them. Recruiters need to contact them and apologize for putting them on hold.

10. Change in Criteria

Companies change their criteria after shortlisting candidates. Recruiters face a big challenge in convincing the candidates how the situation has changed in such a short period of time.


The challenges faced by recruiting agencies for recruiters is a daunting list. Companies make several mistakes while hiring, hence it is better to outsource the hiring work to MTC as it is very well versed with digital technologies.

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