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Contract to Hire

A contract to hire position is something where the person as a job candidate is typically hired on an hourly basis for specified contract duration. Following that duration, the employer of the company has an option to convert you into a permanent employee. In many cases, there is three to twelve months duration contract, three-six being the most common time duration.

If you are trying to break into a certain industry C2H is your best possible chance to test the waters.

The employers and employee come to an agreement, on the time duration at the end of which it depends on whether or not the candidate is the right fit for the organization.

Staffing agencies are the middleman in the process. Contract-to-hire candidates are made available to the clients by the agencies. With the help of our huge database made gradually with precision and experience of 12 years in the business, we will get you staff anywhere in the world as per your requirement.

Benefits of C2H hiring

Both the parties benefit with this arrangement, the employer gets the opportunity to evaluate the candidate in terms of technical skills, cultural fit, soft skills before converting the candidate into a permanent employee. Before the agreed term ends, the organization has assessed the candidate and knows about him or her better than the CV. On the basis of skill demonstrated, the offer is made.

And the employee, before making a permanent decision, gets a chance to experience the office environment and work culture. Whether the company is good enough to stick to? Whether he or she makes the right cultural fit? The candidate has an answer to these important questions.

How does this process work?

If at the end of the agreed period of time, the employers evaluate the candidate to be a right fit, an offer is made. The decision is made based on career goals, skill, and experience. Once hired, the hourly payment basis turns into a monthly payment with benefits.