Email Like a Boss

An average employee sends up to twenty internal and ten external emails in his/ her not-so-busy workday. This number increases when there are deadlines around the corner and high-pressure deliveries that require constant interaction with other people. And yet, this is one of the most overlooked power tool in an employee’s toolkit- the omnipresent EMAIL.

To ensure that our people become the brands their skills deserve to make them, we began a journey to explore how emails work in our organization. In a small social experiment, we sent out emails with either deliberate mistakes (like an incorrect year in the dates since it was early January) or with an uncommon greeting like “Hey folks! Congratulations on surviving the week!” on a Friday. We measured the responses we got on these emails as opposed to the ones we got on regular ones. Needless to
mention, we had the fodder for the session we called “Email Like a Boss”.

The session began with discussing how everyone felt when they received the incorrectly dated email or the one with an informal greeting. The tempo was set. The point of impressions being made via our words was crystal clear. We showed an image of the classic fishing game and helped the participants relate to the fundamental idea of “Hook them up and reel them in” which is at the core of the entire science of email writing.

Like all our learning initiatives, we appealed to the psychology of people as readers and writers of the email. We reiterated the pain of being busy and hence forgetting more than half of our written correspondence, making it extremely essential to stand out and be remembered as if nothing, an outlier in every positive sense of that word.

The importance of being authentic and genuine in a templatized world, including calls to action to bind our nature of acting to the email itself, not over-promising and capturing the pain point of the reader to extract attention when the average adult attention span has reduced to almost 7 seconds (reports by NCBI) were all the hot buttons for this session.

More than anything, we focused on the fact that each email that leaves our inbox carries a part of us- it’s like an autograph and can make or break the professional image we desire to create.

The key takeaways of the session were:

  • Our emails are like our visiting cards. They better be awesome!
  • Nobody will remember the emails you send them unless you absolutely make them.
  • Hook people up with a wonderful greeting and reel them in with an even better content.
  • Do not forget that innocent signature- it stays in the reader’s mind longer than you’d expect.
  • Be authentic- what comes from the heart has no trouble reaching another one!
  • Include calls to action to make sure your emails are remembered.
  • Writing powerful emails is as much an art as it is a science- so learn the rules like a pro and then.

play the field like an artist – TEST-> ANALYZE -> ADJUST -> REPEAT!

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