Enterpreneurship Dev Programs

Enterpreneurship Development Programs

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) promotes the creation and/or growth of enterprises through a National Team of Trainers and Counselors that provides training and counseling to young promoters to establish their own business and to reduce the failure rate of start-ups, contributing thereof to the economic growth of the Country. Entrepreneurs perform vital functions in economic development to mobilize capital, add value to natural resources and services, develop the means to produce necessary goods and services, create employment and develop the means by which trade is conducted. Without entrepreneurs, there would be no economic development. Most management training programs strengthen skills in business accounting, feasibility analysis, and marketing and inventory control.

What are the business benefits?

The EDP covers topics such as creating and capturing value, entrepreneurial marketing, customer personas, how to select and deselect markets through evaluating market opportunity, how to finance an entrepreneurial company, successful pitching and selling strategies, innovative product development and developing defensible USPs. Through a combination of high impact interactive teaching, company visits, team assignments, pitching practice, bringing in world renowned guest speakers, and simulation labs.