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Executive Search

Executive search refers to recruiting and locating individuals for higher boardroom positions. It is a service offered by specialized recruitment companies, to spot a potential senior executive worthy of a position in the boardroom. This includes all industries from the public, to private to non-profit.

There is another term used to denote the individual who exclusively recruits senior-level executives, called headhunters. The term also means campaigning to attract one candidate, a talented one, irrespective of the seniority level.

This is not a typical HR service; Executive search is an exclusive service practiced only by the recruitment firms and fewer specialist recruiters who have access to boardrooms. In some occasions, the executive position in the boardroom is filled by a senior leader who is trying to get in the boardroom for the first time.

The manner with which the potential candidates are approached is way more in-depth and personal if compared with lower-level positions in executive research. They are contacted directly and then the progress is made henceforth. The general way how it goes is that we hold an interview ourselves before the candidate appears in front of the business owners to negotiate over responsibilities and remuneration.

This is a specialized service and must be carried out of professionals with end-to-end knowledge of the business and individual. There is no pool of talent to make your pick, which makes Executive search so exclusive practice.
The same process of recruitment is used for various position in which the requirement is highly specified and it is critical to find the right fit.

Executive search is an art, and our recruiters have mastered this art with a streamlined hiring process to recruit top-level professionals.