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Permanent Recruitment

Gone are the days when job openings were filled for the sake of filling it. In today’s cutthroat corporate world, you want to hire impactful candidates who will make a positive difference in your team. The increase in demand for manpower is not going to stop anytime soon, in order to cater this never-ceasing demand Mount Talent has been providing Permanent Staff to clients all over the globe across various industries.

It has never been more crucial than in today’s time to hire the right permanent fit for your team. With hundreds of applicants for one position, the idea of hiring a permanent employee might come across an easy one. But it is not! The countless jobseekers only make the job harder and the process lengthy. That is where we come in! Right from the first step to the last, we have you covered!

From posting the job opening to filtering the profiles, communicating with them, setting up the first interview, reverting with the updates, selecting the top candidates and so on.

The amount of manhours our clients have saved while working with us is incredible. We benefit our clients with our streamlined hiring process that is tried and tested for over 12 years, it has evolved to meet the demand of our vast variety of clients in different sectors.

We are expert at problem-solving and understanding the requirement is inherited in us, with qualities like this we will not find the right the fit for you but also increase your productivity and reduce attrition.
Our expert professionals have hired highly productive candidates and provided timely delivery; we have helped many leading organizations get 10000 of permanent staff.