Manage The Career Life Cycle Of Candidate

Candidate mapping is an exercise practised in order to recognize talents. Used by organizations and recruiters across the globe, it includes mapping and profiling the employee's professional journey to prepare a complete and thorough outlook on their profile. With candidate mapping, it becomes relatively easy to distinguish leaders, top performers, and hustlers from the pool.

Candidate mapping is pivotal in filling your organization’s future requirements. While following this procedure you are digging deeper in the management initiatives, as you not only determine the talent requirement of future but also asses the productivity your current staff in order to meet the ends that will be loosened in future. In this way, you are enabled to source the top performers in the industry for future hiring and to strategize a plan to fulfil the recognized talent and skill gaps.

Stages of Candidate mapping:

Understand the needs of the future –

Stages of candidate mapping are directly proportional to its benefit and importance. It entitles you to delve into future HR requirements. An engineering organization, for example, possibly would increase its capacity in order to work with a specific technology. A software company might hire candidates who specialize in a certain language. Where is a company heading and what all skills do it requires to thrive in the market?

Asses present performance -

Mapping needs you to follow a derived formula to evaluate the ongoing activities in order to have a clearer understanding of the future. The goal is to determine highly skilled top performers that align with your strategies. If a company, let's say, would need a high-level sales managers, the mapping would enable you to evaluate the skill and interest.

Create a plan to fill in the gaps –

In the meantime you understand the needs of the future and asses the current performers you will be looking at gaps highlighted as a result of this process. The idea is to make sure that you have a strategy to recruit the candidates who will help your business grow, beforehand struggling to hire an ideal candidate.

Benefits of Candidate mapping:

Candidate mapping is a proven method to fill in the gaps before they appear in the future. The importance of mapping lays in the result of each step that needs to be followed in the process. i.e.

• Understand future need
• Asses performance of current employees
• Hiring only the right fit

How to map a candidate

Understand -

• Profile opening and context
• Required/Ideal candidate – skill, experience, education, background.

Sourcing data -

• Collecting information – Social Media – Referrals – Database Report

Report -

• Varify the findings
• Contextualize