Recruitment Assessments

In a knowledge & people driven economy where Human Resource is the driving force, it becomes imperative for the organizations to acknowledge talent acquisition as a key differentiator. Hiring quality people becomes increasingly challenging in such a scenario.

The recruitment professionals are burdened with the responsibility of looking for the best fitting individuals for the various positions in the organization which needs a clear understanding of the talent pool dynamics. It then becomes necessary for the organizations to get the right candidate at the first time to develop a healthy workforce to have maximum productivity.

This creates the segment for the assessment services like ours. Mount Talent’s testing tools and methodologies help the organizations to pick the best amongst the crowd. We have assessment tests designed to fit various types of hiring requirements like fresher hiring, lateral hiring etc.

The distinctive methodologies and tools are used in areas ranging from aptitude, communication, general awareness & abilities, personality & domain knowledge. These tools help in tracking the skill level along with the application level of the candidate’s knowledge. Therefore, each assessment is comprehensively done in order to ensure the quality in all aspects in the candidate suggested to be hired.