Recruitment Management System

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Recruitment Management System

We take all the privilege to introduce our recruitment management system with sets of different amazing smart integrations and features to automate the recruitment process and enhance the overall hiring process.

Our online recruitment management system (RMS) is one reliable tool that lets you publish varying job postings, manage the candidates, share and search on different sourcing channels, schedule interviews, etc.

Our Distinguishing Expertise

Improved Flexible Recruitment Procedure

customize and automate recruitment process according to the needs

AI-based Resume Management

helps in selecting the deserving candidates by automatic sorting the compatible resumes

4000+ Trusting Recruiters

4000+ global recruiters, trust us to automate their recruitment processes

Our Offered Services

Choose MTC's recruitment management software and say goodbye to the monotonous and tedious recruiting tasks. Welcome the digitalization with us to support all your HR activities.

  • Smooth integration with top HRMS and assessment platforms
  • Automated applicant tracking and interview scheduling
  • Accurate resume parsing for screening and shortlisting the ideal candidates
  • Quick notifications related to recruitment scheduled activities and updates
  • 360-degree view of talent to make reliable data-driven decisions for talent acquisition
  • Efficient career site management to improve candidate management and ease of applying

Benefits and needs of recruitment management system

Why Choose MTC for Recruitment Management System



The top recruitment management system software consists of various tools that helps to automate the entire recruitment and staffing functions of the organization. In simple words, an efficient RMS helps manage the organization's complete recruitment process.


Here are some of the main benefits offered by the recruitment management system –

  • Improved recruitment productivity
  • Seamless resume management
  • Quick screening and shortlisting of the candidates
  • Transparent communication and efficiency
  • Hiring ace candidates without any hassles

While choosing the best HR recruitment management software, you should consider the following things –

  • Understand your business needs and wants
  • Prioritize the tools you need for your business future
  • Ensure getting reliable and seamless integration
  • Focus on the power of mobility

HRMS and RMS are both focused on the HR processes for the smooth functioning of the organization. However, the key difference is that RMS focuses only on enhancing the organization's recruitment process. On the other hand, HRMS focuses on the easy management of the complete HR processes. .


The primary function of the recruitment vendor management software is to attract, evaluate, and hire suitable candidates for the organization. It mainly focuses on a 4-step recruitment cycle – job analysis, sourcing, selection, and on-boarding the candidate.