Reduce The Man Hours of Talent Acquisition Team

Reduce your man-hours, leave the first round on us

Hiring the right candidate is an extensive process. Regardless of the hundreds of job-seekers being out there does not make the job easier, it makes the job more laborious and gruelling. It begins even before the first round starts - releasing the job opening and getting the potential employees to apply to the job by publishing it on various sources online. The proceeding is only to get more hectic from here on.

We will do the first round of the interview for you to save you a considerable amount of time. Here’s how -

The most tiresome and time-consuming part of the any recruiter’s job is to go through all those profiles that demand undivided attention to asses. ‘Is the experience relevant? Is he or she is affordable?’, and so forth.

Without fail, out of 1000 application you receive over 90% would be rejected during the evaluation process. No exceptions!

Including the shortlisting of profiles to selecting them in arranging the Q&A session with the selected applicants and everything in between including communicating with the applicants will be looked after our experienced recruiters.

Leave the entire process on us, our seasoned recruiters will manage the longest stage of the interview. With the years of experience, they will eliminate the unsuitable profile and leave you with the best ones.

You will save a substantial amount of man-hours with Mount Talent.

You will be left with only the best candidates and you would have saved time that could be invested in various spaces which will eventually increase productivity.