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Challenges Faced by Recruiters in Remote Hiring

Remote Hiring Challenges, Aug 02, 2021

Companies are still living at remote work, but remote has become a new normal now. When COVID happened companies came to a point of uncertainty and adjustment. But now they have adopted the new normal and returned with the idea of remote hiring. Hiring agencies now opt to do recruitment virtually.

Staffing agencies are facing new challenges in hiring virtually. There are around 1000 applications for a single position from all over India and sometimes globally too. And then conducting video interviews of the shortlisted candidates, sometimes becomes awkward for both parties. For example: While interviewing a candidate the recruiter found it awkward that the candidate was wearing a winter cap, the candidate was immediately rejected for his appearance.

Then the next big challenge is the remote on-boarding of candidates. It becomes difficult to train the candidates about the office policies and procedures.

Even the hired candidate feels it is very weird as he/she is unable to know who their teammates are. Is it okay to message them anytime? Remote workers many times also face isolation.

Advantages of Remote Hiring

Remote hiring though new to the industry, is the future of hiring resources to the company. In job recruitment if remote hiring is implemented it will offer the following benefits:

1. Increased Productivity Level

It is said that remote employees are more productive. They are away from the basic distractions faced in the office. The mental health of employees and their physical well being are in a much better condition boosting the productivity of the company. The commuting time can also be used in office work. As employees don’t have to commute to work, it reduces their stress levels, which directly increases the productivity of the organization. Remote hiring here can be the best recruitment solution.

2. Ample Availability of Talent

The recruiters have a wide geographic area to select candidates. So they can handpick the best candidates that fulfills all the recruiter expectations. This means the revenue of the business will increase.

3. Hiring of All with No Limitations

The older generation or women who had to leave their jobs due to family responsibilities got a break during this remote opportunity. As for now, the age of candidates does not matter; what matters is their productivity and experience. The veterans through remote hiring got the opportunity to start work again.

4. On-boarding Made Easy

On-boarding when done on-site costs more than remote on-boarding. Organizations now opt for virtual on-boarding offered by staffing agency Mount Talent Consulting. The new hiree can upload all the requisite documents by way of artificial intelligence. The offer letter is also sent to the candidates online.

Challenges Faced by Recruiters in Remote Hiring

As remote hiring offers lots of benefits it cannot be said that it is a cakewalk for recruiters. Recruiters face their own set of challenges in remote hiring such as:

  • Looking for the best place to find quality candidates.
  • How to verify the skills of the candidates.
  • How to filter the candidates and select one.
  • How to lure talents?
  • How to manage the workforce working remotely.

With remote employees, the biggest challenge is to find the right kind of employees. Some of the challenges have been explained below:

1. Communication Issues

Candidates must communicate with other team members to create a good working environment. Sometimes due to lack of communication, the hirees feel isolated.

2. Language Barrier and Cultural Differences

The diverse culture and style is a major difficulty in connecting with remote employees at the international level. Sometimes it generates differences within the team, by the way, they interact with each other and also prioritize their tasks.

3. Tracking Performance of Remote Employees

It is a wide problem to ensure that the employees complete all their tasks on time and as per the standards of the company. Because some employees work only for hours and fail to complete their tasks. But hiring agency Mount Talent Consulting provides an employee tracker to track employees performance.

4. Lack of Unity and Trust in the Team

Face to face interactions and daily meetings as well as communication are the keystone to build trust within the team. But in remote work, it becomes really tough to generate trust. Though there are apps to track employees’ performance and activities still it is difficult to guess their thoughts.


Ultimately, in a nutshell, it can be said that there is an adjustment period for all the challenges of remote work. Especially, in matters related to hiring, MTC is the best recruitment agency in India. MTC uses its best judgement and takes action to fix the communication gaps and makes hiring an easy process. MTC, the best staffing agency shortlists the ideal candidates and makes the on-boarding process of candidates very easy.