Skills Assessed

ASSESSMENTS are a key to focussed approach to skills development. They act as important tools to align a student’s/employee’s/ job seeker’s interests, motivation, capabilities and skills to the needs of a job role. Assessments help uncover the shortcomings in a candidate’s skill set, education or experience that might be required for the proper execution of a job. Hence assessments contribute to the identification of the training needs in a person or an organization.

At Mount Talent the assessments are done using proven tools & methodologies which reliably provide a complete evaluation of the KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills & Attitude) of the candidates, along with a detailed report and proficiency analysis in order to study the candidates’ skill profile in depth which generally comes handy for the organizations in their training need analyses. Mount Talent’s assessment programs are structured in a manner to screen & evaluate the candidates with cost efficiency & effectiveness.

The assessments are provided for a wide spectrum of purposes including those related to education, recruitments- pre-employment testing and employee testing/evaluations. The training need assessments and training evaluation are supported by our pre & post training assessments. These are also available for almost all disciplines and industries. Though we also provide combined and customised assessment packages.

Cutting-edge assessment tools & methodologies clubbed with detailed reporting & proficiency analyses give the Mount Talent’s assessment service an edge over the others and helps you or your organization in making a better decision and prediction regarding the candidates’ and their success.

Skills on which we provide the assessment services could be classified based on the multiple domains:

  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Attitude/Aptitude
  • Psychometric
  • Basic Computer Proficiency & MS Office
  • Call Centres
  • ERP
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Sales
  • Secretarial & Clerical
  • Staffing Industry
  • Talent Survey