The science of Great First Impressions

We humans are miraculous beings. Not only are our capacities for brilliance unlimited, but also the signals we keep sending throughout the day with what we say and how we appear to another person are magnificent. It goes without saying that even before we have had a chance to talk, some people ‘appear’ more professional than others. Our social image then, is largely a function of how we appeal in physical form to others. With a view to inducing confidence borne out of visual appearance, a session on
Visual Presentation was conducted for our people. The objective was to help participants find out how they shine and hence be more confident by using their strengths to their advantage.

The session began with a critical appreciation of First Impression and how we only ever get one chance to make it. The central theme of the session was how you need to find your own style, define your own rules of what works for you and what doesn’t and own your appearance because one size does not fit all. The fact that formal office attire not only gives you a lot of self confidence, but also helps you to focus and perform better was stressed repeatedly.

In an engaging, one-of-its-kind discussion, we talked about the various colours and their effects as various items of clothing. Combinations, contrasts and thematic palettes were also discussed in detail followed by Power dressing, power colours and colours that attract or avoid attention. Colours seamlessly gave way to patterns and designs including sobre, loud and catchy patterns and appealing pairings and go-to or no-to combinations.

The focus throughout was feeling smart by virtue of looking smart.

When visuals were a topic, how could the looks of our workstations be ignored? In a fun activity, the participants were paired and each had to click a picture of the other’s workstation and report two positive things, two things that could be changed and whether the workstation resembled a railway station or an airport more.

The interest in visual presentation sessions was high and positive and the effect instantaneous. Appearances across the office have become formal and appealing and the boosts of confidence our mirrors are giving our people are endearing!

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