Training Need Analysis

Why organizations get a TNA done or Why to get a Training Need Analysis?

Training Need Analysis help the organizations in determining the areas where training is required, planning the budget of the company and highlight the areas where alternate actions could be taken but training might not be required.


Training needs arise at three levels:

Organizational Level – At organizational level, training need analysis focuses on strategic planning, organizations goals and needs. It involves assessment of both the internal and external environment of the organization. Internal environment includes procedures, policies, strengths & weaknesses, while the external environment account for the opportunities and threats.

Individual Level – At individual level, training need analysis focuses on each and every individual in the organization. The organization scrutinizes whether the performance of an employee is at par with the desired performance level or not. Here we aim to identify the gap between actual performance and expected performance. If this gap is positive then there is a need for training. Few of the methods that are used to analyze individual needs are:

  • Self Assessment
  • Performance Appraisal Review
  • Peer Appraisal
  • Subordinate Appraisal
  • Client & Customer Feedback

Operational Level – At operational level, training need analysis focuses on the work assigned to the employees. Here a job analyst gathers the information to assess whether a job role has been understood by the employees at the organization. The information could be collected by various means like through interviews, psychological tests, questionnaires etc. Looking into the change in the nature of jobs and organizational structures, the jobs today are on a go-ahead. Hence the employees need to prepare themselves for these jobs. It is the role of the job analysts her to identify the current and future task needs.