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Contract-to-hire allows flexible hiring at globally competitive rates with no new employee training cost.

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We are the best contract hiring agency providing compatible candidates specialised for your needs and projects

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Get lower turnover rates of professional talents to accelerate your project’s development.

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We are a reputed contract hiring company providing the best and most reliable contract hiring services. Our job is to present you with the best talent matching your needs to complete your projects and boost productivity and business growth.

  • We specialised in recruiting the best and most experienced candidates.
  • We hire specialists focusing only on your project needs.
  • We have a pool of lakhs of compatible candidates.
  • Delivering all solutions fulfilling your business needs.
  • We document, screen, identify and recruit the ideal employee with a perfect combination of expertise and skills.

What Are The Benefits And Needs Of Contractual Hiring?

Why Choose Mount Talent Consulting For Contract Hiring Services?



Contractual hiring means placing the employee in a short-term position for a decided time frame, with the chance of full-time hiring when the contract concludes


Contractual hiring is especially important when the in-house team is too busy to handle the project and conclude it on the deadline. It works perfectly in completing the task without having to hire more full-time employees.


Contractual hiring is a form of employment that is based on a fixed period, whereas, full-time hiring is a permanent role in the company, giving the chances of all company benefits and more.


When it comes to contract workers, hiring becomes more fluid and flexible. A company can bring in new staff faster, and with fewer red flags compared to hiring a permanent employee. Contractual hiring also protects the company’s core staff’s positions.