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We optimise both times and cost with our staff augmentation service.

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We provide compatible employees keeping your demand and project in mind.

Balanced Team

Lower turnover paces of skilled talents to rev up your project’s result.

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We are a reputed staff augmentation service provider in the market, and we have one job to provide you with a skilled and talented candidate to boost your business, productivity and profit.

  • We provide the most talented candidate matching your requirement.
  • We hire a specialised person to deliver your project needs.
  • Attract the most compatible experts for your organisation.
  • We screen, identify, recruit and deliver the right employee who is the perfect blend of skills, professionalism and experience.

What Are The Benefits And Needs Of Staff Augmentation Service?

Why Choose Mount Talent Consulting For Staff Augmentation Services?



Staff augmentation is an outsourcing staffing service that helps recruit the most qualified and compatible staff for your organisation fulfilling your business needs. Staff augmentation also helps to understand the existing workforce and determine the need for any required skills.


The need for this service is to add flexibility to your organisation’s workforce. Staff augmentation makes sure that all the staffing needs be they long-term or short-term are being fulfilled.


Managed services focus on outsourcing the entire responsibility, problem and solution of a company. Whereas, staff augmentation services prioritise outsourcing specific tasks, functions and requirements of an organisation.


Staff augmentation helps in controlling an organisation's project execution and delivery by recruiting the best team of talents.


Staffing is a process of hiring the right candidate with the right skills, talent, experience and qualifications for a particular job role and evaluating their application before finally hiring them.