3rd Party Payroll Outsourcing

Simplifying payroll management for your organisation

Our Unique Skills

Precise Payroll

With 500+ happy clients, we are popular when it comes to reliable and accurate payroll management.

Decreased Payroll Cost

We value both time and money and we optimise both.

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We have 14+ years of experience in the industry, with the best industry experts.

Services We Offer

One of the best third-party payroll companies with years of expertise and a team of experts, Mount Talent Consulting offers various services like:

  • We ensure end-to-end payroll with efficacious reimbursement management.
  • We offer a 45-day full and final settlement after exit clearance.
  • ●We provide web-based attendance checking and leave solutions.
  • We offer personalised and customised payroll employee management solutions for companies.
  • We provide PF challan before the 15th of every month.
  • Organised management of offer letters, reliving letters, ID cards and more.

What Are The Needs Of 3rd-Party Payroll Outsourcing?

Why MTC For 3rd Party Payroll Outsourcing?



A 3rd party payroll system is a process of managing and outsourcing the complete payroll responsibilities of the employer organisation. Mount Talent Consulting is India’s top 3rd Party Payroll Provider that ensures fulfilling all the requirements of maintaining an efficient and professional relationship.


When compared to in-house payroll processing, relying on Mount Talent Consulting, the top third-party payroll outsourcing company, helps cut costs by 18%. While our professionals take care of the payroll requirements, you can concentrate on the core functions of your business.


It offers the required third-party payroll services to large and small companies for a fixed price. The price can vary depending upon the total number of employees and the overall data processed.


For a fixed price, it provides the necessary third-party payroll services to both large and small businesses. The total number of employees and the amount of data processed can affect the price. .


Employees in off-role jobs only work for a limited amount of time, have no prior work experience, and have fewer opportunities for advancement. On the other hand, employees in on-call positions can anticipate steady advancement.


Contrary to popular belief, contract workers benefit more from their extensive professional network than permanent workers. For contractual and permanent employees, Mount Talent Consulting can provide the best third-party payroll outsourcing services.