Managed Services

Improving The Current WorkFlow With Managed Services

Managed Services

Enhance your business perimeter and value to your customers.

MTC has an experience of 14 years, and by now we have evolved as India’s leading enterprise service management name with its advanced managed services. Through our services, you can update, migrate, manage, and customise various business applications either on-premises or through virtual and hybrid models.

Our Unique Skills

We Have A 500+ Global Client Base

We Provide Service To 50+ Service Locations

4,00,000+ Needs Are Resolved Annually

Services We Offer

We have a name as the top cloud service management company with our managed services designed particularly to handle your business applications. Through our cloud services organisations can enjoy the full security, compliance and 24*7 availability they need to concentrate on their business goals.

1. Operations Flexibility

Choose the desired operational assistance level for monitoring and handling various services along with the current organisational operations.

2. Heightened Security

Our IT service management assures the evolution of a growing repository of operational security guardrails to band you with the desired command without any error.

3. Compliance

We deliver automated detection and remediation to lessen the burden of fulfilling the compliance programme requirements.

4. Operational Savings

We are a top-managed service provider offering an effective pricing model based on consumption. You have to only pay for the services you use with an amenity to get operational control as and when needed.

5. Streamlined Management

With our managed service software you can remotely monitor and manage to offer proactive maintenance.

6. Rapid Disaster Recovery Strategy

By retaining a single and reliable point of connection for your business attended by solid backup planning, we ensure speedy disaster recovery strategies.

Why Managed Services Are Needed?

Why Choose MTC Recruitment Management System?



Service management is a customer-centric approach that offers IT services as and when required. It increases customer satisfaction by adding value to the customers.

Define types of service management.

Some of the main types of service management are

  • Service strategy and offering
  • Management of spare parts
  • Return, repair and warranty
  • Customer service and management
  • Field service management

Best IT management consulting like MTC presents a detailed framework structuring the IT-related services, activities and functions.


You can expect a detailed framework structuring the IT-related activities and functions from the best IT management consulting like Mount Talent Consulting.


In ServiceNow, ITSM stands for IT Management Services which concentrates on handling IT operational services. Whereas the role of an ITIL is to focus on the best practices to successfully set an organisation's ITSM by the management consultancy.


For any reliable and leading management consulting companies like Mount Talent Consulting, the goal is to take care of the organisation’s needs related to infrastructure, existing processes and services.