Skill Development

Learn Skills and be in industry ready

Skill Development

MTC helps you to unlock your talent and developmental skills. It helps you with your economic growth and community development. Skill development offers benefits like enhancing performance, improving communication, and amazing career opportunities.

We are offering skill development consultancy to our clients. These services are practical and rendered by our highly experienced professionals who have immense industry experience.

Blue-collar workers are often associated with unskilled labor. These are the foundation of industrialization. From manufacturing to waste removal, these workers are the ones who do the physical labor but recently, they also become certified electricians, mechanics, technicians, home health aides, nursing assistants, and more.

    Exposure to Advanced Technology
  • In 2021, advanced technologies will continue to boost conventional blue-collar workers into value-generating roles. These roles need high skills and tech-enabled expertise which is essential to understand the product performance by enhancing its efficiency.
    Digital literacy/Electronic intelligence
  • All the new sites have digital hubs to connect and empower construction workers to synchronize tasks and maintain an intelligent workflow. Knowledge of digital is essential for the blue-collar workforce in 2021 to complete a specific task that is fully equipped with technical insights.
    Computerized Equipment Skills
  • The blue-collar workers have to continuously deal with the developing workplace and the introduction of technology. Therefore, computer technology skills are important to track the production quantity, to record their work time and worksite.
    Innovation and creativity
  • The workers are equipped to add value in new and innovative ways. They use human insight and judgment in their procedural work with the skills to exploit data and analytics.

MTC guides many workers by enrolling them in certification courses. The workers also put their efforts to learn new skills and make significant changes in their workforce strategies. After completion of the course, you will also get placement assistance into the skills-driven platform with a lot of opportunities to upskill. You can easily access online training courses, earn digital certificates, and explore career options globally.