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Cloud-based human resource management system by MTC is a productive and agile HR management. Its function is to simplify all HR-related operations. Employee nurturing, employee retention, adaptation to changes, enhanced employee experience, develop a performance-oriented workforce and so much more can be done without any nuisance with our HRMS.

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With the award-winning top human resources management system by Rozgar HRMS, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced automation in HR functions and processes. Our HRMS ensures the empowerment of the organisation and employee relationships. HRMS also plays a vital role in effectively managing the employee lifecycle within the company.

1. Lead Functions

HRMS works in improving the hiring and recruitment experience for both employees and employers. It is focused on areas of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Employee On-Boarding, Vendor Management Systems and Referral Processing.

2. Human Resource Functions

HR management system software of our ensure efficacious management of employee performance. It has all the tools necessary to enhance the employee experience with seamless functioning, like - Leave & Attendance, Asset Allocation, Business Communication, Exit Process and Help Desk.

3. Growth & Productivity

An employee’s performance can be easily tracked with our HRMS software. GeoTag and Geo-Fence are supported through HRMS, giving whole control over managing the efficiency of your employees be it in the office or on the move.

Along with these many other functionalities can also be enjoyed like Real-Time Tracking, Enterprise groups, Video & Voice Calling, Task Allocation, Analytics & Insights, and Performance Management.

4. Payroll & Compensation

Our cloud-based human resources management system software is recognised for its agility and flexibility in handling all salary-related work and issues. It gives 100% accuracy and integration with the leave and attendance management system to ease an HR job and satisfy employees' needs.

Many of the functions that are included in HRMS are Payroll, Expense, Reimbursement, Loans and Advances, Compliance and Insurance

5. Mobile ESS

HRMS system with an inbuilt ESS option allows an employee to have a smooth and better everyday experience with great retention and satisfaction rates. Analytics, Self-Servivce Menu and Downloading & Enabling are a few of the features included in it.

Why HRMS Is Needed?

Why Choose MTC For Human Resource Management System?



HR is the division of the business that is responsible for finding, recruiting, sourcing, retaining, onboarding and training employees. Technical advancements in the HR software system ensure the automation of various HR processes and function without any problem.


HRMS is responsible to offer extended support for HR system functions like payroll management, recruitment, employee data management, employee performance management, employee training, administration, compensation and more.


Known as Human Resource Management System is a human resource system software that is utilised by various organisations to manage their HR functions and processes without any problems or errors.


Both of them are the best human resource management system software names. HRIS is more basic and focused only on the essential details, however, HRMS focuses on the detailed and complex version of HR functioning.


The human resources management platform plays a vital role in every organisation due to its seamless management of all integral HR functions. It helps in the improvement of recruitment quality, enhancement of workplace culture, retention of talented candidates, maintaining a healthy workplace environment and so much more.


Staffing is the process of recruiting the ideal candidate with the right qualifications, skills and experience for a particular job position. It analyses their knowledge before offering them the job role.