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Attain seamless automation of enterprise HR processes with the award-winning mobile-first Rozgar HRMS.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Employee On-boarding
Integrated Payroll
Expense & Reimbursements
AI Infused HRMS

Lead Operations

Hiring is one of the most challenging functions of human resources. HRMS ATS offers a better hiring experience compared to other applicant tracking systems for both interviewers and candidates. Key points which tell more about the hiring suite

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Employee On-Boarding

Vendor Management System

Referral Processing

HR Operations

HRMS has the HR operations suite that helps organizations to manage employee productivity. You will get a complete set tool that involves Leave and Attendance, Assets Management, Helpdesk, Business Communication, and Exit Workflow. HRMS has some functions that manage employee productivity are

Leave & Attendance

Asset Allocation

Help Desk

Business Communication

Exit Workflows

Productivity & Growth

Tracking the performance of the employees is not an easy task. You will get numerous advantages in the performance management suite from GeoTag and Geo-Fence your employees to build the overall efficiency of your human resources whether in office or on the move. There are several functions in the productivity suite such as

Task Allocation

Real-Time Tracking

Enterprise Groups

Voice & Video Calling


Analytics & Insights

Payroll & Compensation

The most significant strength of our cloud payroll software is its flexibility and power to handle any kind of salary structure. Rozgar HRMS's seamless integration with the leave management system and attendance management system makes the job easier for payroll professionals assuring 100% accuracy, huge time savings, and highly satisfied employees. The productivity suite offers many functions like



Expense & Reimbursement

Loans & Advances


Mobile ESS

Attract & retain the best employees by advancing the day-to-day experience with a modern and fully functional Mobile ESS app. Using the HRMS system with an inbuilt ESS option updates employee retention and satisfaction. To improve employee satisfaction, check the below functions

Self Service Menu

Downloading & Enabling