Learning Management System

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Learning Management System

Our LMS is a premium web-based e-learning and management solution. We are the best learning management system provider and efficiently manage all of the institution’s training requirements. With our powerful LMS learning management system software we take care of the online learning needs of individuals and corporates alike.

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Get the best knowledge and leanings from the wisdom, experience and creativity of our expert panel.

Perfect Fit For Your Schedule

Customise your learning style and schedule with on-demand classes and project-based lessons

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We have interoperable e-learning software solutions and content.

Services We Offer

Known as the best learning management system company, MTC offers fully customisable, robust, mobile-compatible, and easily integrated learning management system services.

1. Solution Overview

Identify and address the skill gaps between individual and group requirements and competency levels.

2. Administration Module

Maintain the application, create courses, facilitate effective course structure, evaluate learner performance, control user-friendly knowledge dissemination, etc.

3. Learner Module

Ensure a single login for all courses, communicate effectively with instructors about course design and required LMS tools, and communicate via email with batchmates for assistance.

4. Instructor Module

It makes truly integrated web-based and other learning activities led by instructors possible. Utilising a safe, password-protected environment, an automated procedure to boost bottom-line results while simultaneously reducing training costs.

What Is The Need For Learning Management System?

Why Select MTC For Learning Management System?



A learning management system software presents a vital framework to control all the potential aspects of the learning process. It aids in creating, updating and tracking all the training and education-related content.


Different types of the top learning management system are:

  • Web-based LMS
  • Installed LMS software
  • Hosted LMS
  • Cloud-based SaaS LMS
  • Commercial LMS
  • Free LMS
  • Open-source LMS
  • Closed-source LMS

To complete all of your needs of different LMS, choose the best learning management agency like Mount Talent Consulting.


Some of the popular educational LMS names used in various institutes are Schoology, Moodle, & Blackboard Learn.

Popular LMS names used at the enterprise level are - TalentLMS, iSpring Learn, Adobe Captivate Prime, Docebo LMS, and eFront.


There is a large sum of LMS providers in the market that claims to offer the best services. However, among the various learning management system companies, Mount Talent Consulting stands distinguished with its high-end, customisable and best learning management system software.


Canvas and Blackboard are the most popular and commonly used LMS. If you are in search of an LMS offering the benefits of an institutional and enterprise learning management system, Mount Talent Consulting makes the best choice amongst the best learning management system companies.