Learning Management System

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Learning Management System

LMS (Learning Management System) is our premium web-based e-learning and management solution. It is SCORM and LDAP compliant. This system is designed to quickly and efficiently handle the training requirements of any institution. It manages, tracks, and reports on the interaction between the learner and the content & the learner and the instructor.

It performs different functions like learner registration, tracking learner progress, recording test scores, and indicating course completions, and at last, allow instructor trainers to assess the performance of their learners.

Solution Overview

It is a powerful tool that addresses training and online education for individuals and corporates alike. You can identify and address skill gaps between competency levels and skills that are required for both individuals and groups. It also offers cost-effective means to evaluate and assess an individual's skill levels against a benchmark.

Administration Module

This module has a friendly user interface that allows you to control the entire application and perform the required functions to maintain the application. Here, you can create courses and maintain the course catalogs. All the courses are divided into Modules and lessons, which enable good course structuring. The test and quiz let you evaluate learner performance at any given time. Communication between the users via email and chat allows for the dissemination of knowledge. This highly secure application supports a multilingual learning environment.

Learner Module

The LMS provides a convenient interface for all learners, in access to all their courses through a single login. The course coordinator determines the design of courses and the specific LMS tools to be used in each course. The learner can interactively get help from instructors as and when required and share their thoughts on the course or resources via the message board. They can email their batch mates and seek assistance or provide help as and when required.

Instructor Module

The LMS Instructor module facilitates a truly integrated blended approach by including Instructor-led, web-based, and other learning activities. It helps to improve bottom-line results by maximizing efficiency and reducing training expenditure automating processes. This application ensures all learning is undertaken in a secure password-protected environment.