Recruitment Management System

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Recruitment Management System

We are India’s leading recruitment management system service provider with various high-tech integrations and features to automate the recruitment procedure and enrich the hiring experience.

MTC’s online recruitment management system (RMS) is a relevant tool that lets you post your job opening, manage candidates, search from different sourcing channels, schedule interviews and much more.

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Improved Recruitment Process

Automated and highly customisable recruitment process according to your needs.

Resume Management Through AI

Help to source the ideal candidates by tech-based sourcing.

4000+ Expert Recruiters

Our Recruitment Management Software is trusted by thousands+ clients.

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Mount Talent Consulting provides top recruitment management system software through which you can digitise all HR-related activities and bid goodbye to all hassles of recruiting tasks.

  • MTC provides more effortless integration through HRMS and inspection platforms.
  • Interview scheduling and applicant tracking through automated ways.
  • Accurate sourcing of resumes and finding the right candidates.
  • Real-time updates and notifications related to recruitment activities and interviews.
  • Complete information about talents to make data-driven decisions for selecting candidates.
  • Improved candidate management and hiring through effective career site administration.

What Are The Benefits Of A Recruitment Management System?

Why Choose Mount Talent Consulting For Recruitment Management System?



A recruitment Management System is the best HR recruitment management software consisting of different tools that aid towards the automation of recruitment functions in a company. Simply speaking, an effective RMS helps manage all HR and recruitment-related activities.


Some of the best benefits of a recruitment management system are

  • Improved and productive recruitment.
  • Resume management.
  • Effective sourcing and recruitment.
  • Transparent and efficient recruitment.
  • Hiring without hassle.
  • To understand your business needs and requirements.
  • Customisable tools for your business needs.
  • Make sure you get more reliable and seamless integration.
  • Focused on mobility power.

The recruitment vendor management software's primary function is to find, evaluate, and hire suitable candidates for the company. The four stages of the recruitment process—job analysis, sourcing, selection, and onboarding the candidate—are its primary focus.