Startup Incubation

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Startup Incubation

MTC helps you to uplift your small business to the next level. We have an experienced team with extensive experience of years collectively with a total team strength of professionals. Our organization has vast experience in partnering with best-in-class global organizations to manage regulatory compliances in setting up a business and its continuous operations. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Our team follows strict standards to guard the information to ensure that all information provided to us is safe and secure.

MTC offers a detailed and comprehensive framework of services like:

Fund Raising

Raising funds indicates startup progress, and we are always keen to partner with the organization in its efforts towards growth. We analyze the companies, as per that, we build detailed plans to raise funds for their growth.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

MTC offers solutions to startups to outsource the whole finance and accounting functions with a single partner. MTC is a one-stop solution provider, offers end-to-end services by using high-end technology. We provide online and remote accounting services for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

When you outsource the books from us then, you can easily focus on your core business issues. Also, you can do the required cost optimization. Our team has professional and experienced bookkeepers who have proper certification.

Taxation Services

We provide efficient, expert, and cost-effective tax solutions to startups in every field. We give basic services that involve guidance on all tax-related issues and tax planning. We also offer a host of specially designed services to provide the unique needs of startups. MTC's mission is to give the best quality and personalized service to every client. Here, you will also get proper tax planning to ensure that legally it maximize your earnings, eventually by reducing the tax burden.

Intellectual Property

MTC knows that miscommunication on IPR Issues may result in the abandonment of applications; thus, it aims to all communications concerning to their client on a real-time basis by assuring the proper protection and enforcement of its client's rights.

Payroll Management

The payroll in a startup is very sensitive because of the team sizes, unstructured policies & processes. But don't make it a difficult task for you as MTC is standing with you. Our team has a complete skill set with respect to payroll services. We have the proper process, where we take end to end ownership of Payroll Services that include:

  • Drafting appointment letters
  • Full and Final of Employee
  • Advice on best Payroll Services
  • Payroll helpdesk
  • Payroll structure
  • Policy handbook development