Startup Incubation

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Startup Incubation

MTC aids small businesses to move to the next level. With our team of experts with extensive industry experience. Mount Talent Consulting has extensive experience working in partnership with world-class organisations to manage regulatory compliances during the establishment of a business and its ongoing operations. We are committed to protecting our client's privacy and confidentiality. To guarantee the safety and security of all information provided to us, our team adheres to stringent security measures.

MTC presents a detailed framework of services like:

Fund Raising

Expanding funds means expanding progress, and we are always ready to partner with the organisations on their way towards growth. We get comprehensive details about the company and then build a structured plan to raise funds and overall growth.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

MTC provides startups with options for outsourcing all their financial and accounting tasks to a single partner. MTC is a one-stop solution provider that uses cutting-edge technology to provide services from start to finish. For businesses of all sizes, we offer online and remote accounting services.

You can easily concentrate on your primary business concerns when you outsource the books to us. Additionally, you can optimise costs as needed. The bookkeepers on our team are qualified professionals with relevant certifications.

Tax Services

MTC provides efficient, cost-effective, and expert tax solutions for all startups in any field. We deliver services like guidance on all tax-related matters and detailed tax planning. We also provide a host of particularly designed services that cater to all the unique needs of startups. Our mission is to provide the best quality and personalised services to each of our clients and on that note, we provide proper tax planning services to ensure that legally it enhances your earning potential by reducing the tax burden.

Intellectual Property

MTC is aware that applications may be abandoned if IPR issues are misunderstood; As a result, its goal is to ensure that the rights of its customers are properly protected and enforced in all communications with them in real-time.

Payroll Management

Due to unstructured policies, unplanned processes and team sizes, payroll management in a startup can be a difficult task. But with MTC, it is not a thing to worry about. We have a dedicated team of skilled workers who will cater to all of your payroll needs. We take end-to-end ownership of payroll services like:

  • 1. Drafting Appointment Letters
  • 2. Full & Final Of An Employee
  • 3. Advice On Most-Promising Payroll Services
  • 4. Payroll Guide & HelpDesk
  • 5. Structured Payroll Management
  • 6. Company Policy Handbook Development