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With 500+ happy clients, we have become the best and most reliable payroll automation service provider in Noida.


Mount Talent Consulting is the best payroll automation company as we value both time and money.

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With 14+ years of experience in the industry, our expert business professionals help you through taxation relief for the utmost profit.

Services We Offer

Mount Talent Consulting is the best Payroll Automation Service Provider in Noida as we have years of expertise and a team of professionals. Our payroll automation service includes

  • End-to-end payroll management with effective services and technology.
  • Web-based attendance checking and leave solutions.
  • We offer customised tech-enabled payroll management to clients.
  • Tech management to all hiring, joining and recruiting services.

What Are The Requirements Of Payroll Automation Service?

Why Choose MTC For Payroll Automation Service?



Payroll automation is a service through which computer-designed programs and technologies are used to automate all payroll-related issues and assistance for a company or community.


When compared to in-house payroll processing, relying on Mount Talent Consulting, a top payroll automation company, helps cut the cost of payroll by 18%. Our payroll automation services take care of all your payroll requirements so you can focus on your business goals.


Payroll automation is a part of payroll outsourcing. Both are 3rd party payroll services provided for an organisation.


There are various 3rd party payroll services in the market, however, Mount Talent Consulting is the best payroll automation service provider in Noida with the most advanced technology and reliable services.