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Evolution of Indian HR industry – Driving changes to add business value

The year 2021 was all about reinvesting HR strategies and trends. Undoubtedly, 2022 will focus on pushing the defined boundaries for the HR industry in India to add value to the business.

Nothing has changed more than our working style in the last couple of years. Thus, the HR department is taking all the efforts to keep up with the changing trends.

From the initial shift towards remote working, the various lockdowns, employee health concerns and wellbeing, talent shortages, disrupting the economy, etc., the HR sector has evolved by coming a long way. It has become more than essential to understand the evolution of HR consultant firm 2022 to leverage these driving changes for adding value to the business.

The trends supporting smooth evolution of HR industry India –

Considering the HR trends for the year 2022, there is a strong influence from the year 2021 and the ongoing movement towards employee mental wellbeing and digital transformation. Here are some of the expected trends that will shape the evolution of the HR sector in the year 2022:

1.Remote working:

The first trend that has attracted the maximum buzz is none other than remote working. The concept of remote working is not unheard of, but it is expected that many more companies will incorporate this trend in 2022.

Innovations will ensure better productivity and improved engagement, along with the existing tools like Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, etc. Moreover, the companies will also use Emotion AI to measure the meeting’s productivity with the help of the employee’s facial expressions and body language.

Remote working will stay, even after the pandemic crisis. Thus, it is better to stay prepared to incorporate this trend for the successful evolution of the HR department.

2.AI in Recruitment:

AI is laying the right foundation for the evolution of the HR consultant firm 2022 with its active involvement in recruitment activities. AI is transforming the ways used by the HR department to screen, select, interview, and recruit suitable talent.

For example – IBM uses AI to observe the social media shares of its hired candidate. Moreover, it also relies on technology to analyze the candidates’ facial expressions, gestures, and communication fluency.

The technology has made its mark by helping to reduce recruitment biases and creating a diverse workplace.

3.Digital transformation:

While many companies have successfully taken the road of digital transformation, 2022 will witness more adoptions. It can be said that technology will take over almost all the possible facets of the HR sector.

Digital transformations are helping businesses to automate the workflow and working processes. The HR department also uses it to leverage the existing data to improve business policies, strategies, and work culture.

4.Cloud-based HR:

Cloud-based HR has become the new attraction in the HR industry in India thanks to its easy scalability and focused business growth. Also, to manage the remote teams, the HR department has introduced flexibility in its working. This is where the cloud-based HR platforms mark their evolution.

Such cloud-based HR platforms ensure to integrate the most crucial HR aspects like payroll, time management, recruitment, onboarding, employee benefits, work culture, etc. There is an evident shift towards using cloud-based HR platforms to offer effective support to the employees and managers.

5.Improved data protection:

With the global digital transformations, every business focuses on taking data security very seriously. Employee data is sensitive to the organization and thus, should be protected against possible breaches.

Many HR tools are introduced to ensure effective protection of employees’ sensitive and personal information. Ideas like digital signatures are also made part of the HR security strategies. Also, improved attention is taken to maintain the essential documents centralized and organized with only authoritative access.

6.Improved focus on mental health and wellbeing:

Another important aspect, ensuring the evolution of HR consultant firm 2022, is having an improved focus on employees’ mental wellbeing. Although physical health has always been the center of attraction, many HR activities now focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Employees and employers now realize the need to have a perfect balance between physical health and mental health for better productivity. The HR department leverages this positive trend to promote its evolution.

7.Up-skilling of the employees:

We live in the era of technical boom that demands the employees to be trained with special skills and talents. Moreover, the pandemic crisis has enhanced the need to stay updated with advanced technologies.

Surely, the HR team can hire expert professionals, but that would be expensive. Thus, to ensure retaining the employees and its evolution, the HR department now encourages employee up-skilling. This not just boosts employee morale but also increases the organization’s productivity.


With the rising trends and evolution in the HR industry in India, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a reliable HR consultant firm suitable for your business. When talking about these various HR trends, it is never the same approach that works for all.

You will win half the battle of successful implementation of HR evolution by upgrading the old HR methods and processes with these latest trends. Are you ready to embrace these changes?At Mount Talent Consulting, we understand the fact and thus provide customized and personalized HR solutions for your business. We focus on attracting sustainable business results according to your needs. If you need any more information, contact us in the comment section.

The year 2021 was all about reinvesting HR strategies and trends. Undoubtedly, 2022 will focus on pushing the defined boundaries…

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